Hector Oseguera is a progressive, anti-corruption Congressional Candidate for New Jersey's 8th district. As an attorney specializing in fighting money laundering, Oseguera is part of a wave of challengers who took on the notorious group of machine politicians in North Jersey.

In 2019 and 2020, Oseguera and I worked together to develop the brand identity for his groundbreaking grassroots campaign. Expressing strong passion and optimism for changing the future of his hometown district, Oseguera needed a bold visual direction that helped lead the way in challenging his polarizing 14-year incumbent competitor.

In the exploration, we found that the letter O was the best way to visually resonate with Oseguera. The silhouette of New Jersey is encompassed within the O, while the star was added as a way to help the local public recognize the geographical location of District 8.

Inspired by the colors of New Jersey State, Oseguera's color palette consists of a combination of blue, yellow, red, and white. Embracing colors that embody his policy principles, splashes of color were used throughout the identity to represent unity, trust, excitement, strength, and energy for the people of District 8.

Suggesting the notion of rising upward together with forward progress, we incorporated angled ribbons, sharp directional arrows, and bold key elements throughout the identity. The associations to the youth movement taking flight are deliberate, turning Oseguera’s age into an advantage in a district with a large population of young voters.

  • "Chad is a world class graphic designer whose work is beautiful and detailed. His artistic skills are second to none, and without a doubt one of the classiest and most professional designers you will ever come across. I have nothing but astounding things to say." Hector Oseguera

  • "I was really impressed with Chad's work, from the logo to our first run of palm cards, he did an amazing job and that logo has been a massive part of our branding. It really helped us stand out." Ricardo Luis Rojas Estrada - Oseguera 2020 Campaign Manager